Weird Science Glowing Science Kit

Weird Science Glowing Science Kit

Reduced to £4.99 (down from £12.99).

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Great gift for young scientists who want to learn about glow science, this kit allows performing fun experiments.

Product Details

  • Make an amazing glowing ice ball
  • Make a glowing flower
  • Create glowing rainbow inks
  • Make some cool glowing chalks
  • Make glowing water crystals
  • Mix rainbow inks and create glowing slime
  • Box measures: 35.5cm x 28cm x 6cm
  • For ages: 8+
  • Includes:
    • Jumbo chalk
    • Bag cornflour
    • Pot of slime (plastic pot)
    • Ball moulds, bag crystal
    • Bag glow powder
    • Bottle craft dye (approx 5ml)
    • Rubber glove
    • Re-sealable bag
    • Instruction sheet (a4)

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