Ways to play games for free

If, like us here at Bargain Bunny, you like playing games in your spare time (or even when you aren’t free – we see you, playing Candy Crush at your desk) then you might be on the lookout for new and exciting ways of playing versions of some of your favourite games.

Perhaps you want to even try some new games? That’s why free games sites are really good places to look for new games to try, without spending a small fortune on paid for apps or even console games.

If you like match 3 games like Candy Crush, check out Candy House and Zuma Ball on Solitaire.org. They also offer classics card games like Solitaire, Mahjong and Spider.

Match 3 games are incredibly popular, from back in the days of Bejewelled, right through to all the versions of Candy Crush available in the app stores today. These games are popular as they are casual, and usually are made up of bright colours and so are stimulating. The satisfaction you get when you pass a level is also rather addictive, especially if it is a hard level or one you have been stuck on for a little while.

For those of you who are unsure of what a match three game is, they are games where you are presented with a grid of icons or characters and you need to move items (in a swap) in order to match three or more in a row. Matching three usually makes them disappear, matching four or more may make a bonus or additional game play piece.

Each level usually has a slightly different goal, for example clear 10 pears or score a certain number of points before the clock runs out. This variety between levels adds to the enjoyment and mixes it up enough to mean that the game doesn’t get boring.

Some of the games even have a story accompanying them, so after each level or “world” you progress the story further with your game play.

The majority of these games are free to play, although there may be paid for extras should you wish to spend money later on, however they are usually completely playable with no monetary spend – so a perfect, cheap way to pass the time.