save money on utility bills

Top Tips to Save Money on Utility Bills

Here at Bargain Bunny, we love being frugal, and saving money. This is not just on the luxuries, but the essentials as well! Unfortunately, we can’t get away from paying our bills so here’s our top tips to save money on utility bills!

Shop Around

Firstly, make sure you shop around. This is super important, especially when your fixed contract periods up. You might be switched to a tariff which is no longer the most cost effective for you. A comparison site will help you to find a better deal, but also allow you to switch really easily and quickly.

Some companies, such as Bulb, will even pay any early exit fees for you if you switch, and if you use a friend’s referral link, will give you both £50 – so make sure to ask if any of your friends are already with them. Going forward you can then save money by referring friends and family and getting referral bounties of £50 as well! It definitely adds up, and they are a green energy company so it helps the planet too!


When someone says the word haggle to you, you probably think of a market, where you are haggling over the price of some random item, but whilst you can’t haggle in a supermarket, you can haggle with some utility providers. Sometimes you may have to call them up, but more and more of the providers offer a live online chat facility. Just pop on to that and tell them that you are finding the price too much and it is affectng your finances. If they can, even if it is during your contract, they may try to help you out by cutting the price, even by a few pounds a month. Bear in mind though, they do sometimes tend to reward people who have been customers for a longer period of time, and there will be limits as to what they can do, but it’s always worth asking!

Turn the light off!

save money on utility bills

It’s such a cliche, but turning things off when you leave the room really can make a difference. It’s good practice which will help reduce your bills, but also it is better for the planet. Years ago I had a friend who used to take the mickey out of me for always turning lights and everything off before I left the room or the flat. Now she is a homeowner herself, she has said she gets it! Leaving things on which don’t need to be is quite literally throwing money away.

Get a smart meter

Energy providers are encouraging all UK households to get a smart meter, but it isn’t compulsory. The meter and the installation are free and it really can make a difference to your bills. Contact your provider and find out if and when they are installing in your area. I have a smart meter, and seeing the pennies go up, definitely makes a difference to my usage. It’s also definitely made me more aware of what I’m using. I’m still juggling trying to find the balance of being frugal and savvy versus being downright stingy, but I’ve not had it long and I’m learning what is best.

A smart meter will also transmit your meter readings to your provider so no more estimated bills. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I had an email saying I needed to submit a meter reading, but then I would always forget, as it involved going out in the rain or the cold and would end up not bothering that day and end up with estimated bills. Smart meters really do make a difference so consider getting one put in – it doesn’t cost you anything after all!

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