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Top Tips to Save Money on Food!

Here at Bargain Bunny, we love sharing deals, discounts and offers which we find. Some of them are very time sensitive, due to limited stock, or short sale periods, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t savvy shoppers the rest of the time. We will be bringing you posts about saving money on various different things on a regular basis, but today we have our top tips on to save money on food. After all, food is an essential, not a luxury, after all you need energy to live, so here’s a really quick run down on how to save money!

Grocery Shopping

save money on food

We all know what we like and sometimes that can mean we get stuck in a rut. If you aren’t already shopping at a discount supermarket (personally I’m addicted to Aldi) then you are throwing money away! Take a visit to somewhere like Aldi or Lidl and do your normal weekly shop. The price difference will blow you away, and the quality will also pleasantly surprise you!

If you don’t have a lower cost supermarket near you, don’t fear, some supermarkets reward loyalty with reward schemes and vouchers in the post. Make sure that these rewards are saving you enough money to warrant shopping there rather than somewhere else, but quite often they will make a big difference to your shopping.

Another top tip for saving money on your groceries is to meal plan and only buy what you need. I’ll be honest – I’m terrible at buying things, and then not using them and having to throw it away. By meal planning, you are saving money by not buying things that you won’t end up using, but also helping the planet by not contributing towards increasing waste issues.

The last top tip to save money on groceries is to find out when the shops that you shop at reduce their food. Yellow stickers are a great way of getting food at a sometimes much lower price. Remembering that best before also means that items are edible for a while after the date, whereas use by goods can be used in your meal planning or be frozen for use at a later date.

Cinema & Eating Out

meerkat meals saves you money

Love going to the cinema and eating out, but finding that the costs add up really quickly? My favourite tip for saving money on these is to get yourselves over to Compare The Market and get yourself a one day UK travel insurance policy for a fictional trip that you are never going to go on. This will then mean that you can join Meerkat Meals & Movies.

For those of you who live under a rock, it means you can get 2 for 1 on movies via Meerkat Movies (on a Tuesday or Wednesday each week). It also means that via Meerkat Meals you can get 2 for 1 on meals at selected restaurants from Sundays – Thursday every week! Some of my family’s favourite places to use this are Frankie & Bennys, Prezzo and Beefeater, but there are loads more, and you can use it five times in a week, so if you eat out or are entertaining a lot, you can save some real cash!

As you can only use the cinema 2 for 1 once a week, if you are a regular cinema goer, it might be worth considering getting an annual pass which some of the big chains offer, but just remember to do your sums to make sure it will be worth while (especially taking into consideration the savings you can make with Meerkat Movies).

Finally – shop around! I relocated two years ago and had been going to a large cinema in town because I knew it was there. The prices put me off going regularly, but as I settled in to the area and made friends, I was told about a cinema which is an independent one, in a town the opposite direction from me, but still not far, where the tickets are £4.50!!! Funnily enough, that’s now my local!

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