Three or Six Three-Colour Grape Plants

Three or Six Three-Colour Grape Plants

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Featuring three-colour grape plants in each set, this fast-growing collection is supplied in a 10cm pot

Product Details

  • Set with three grape plants in three different colours
  • Each set contains a blue, red and white grape plant
  • Winterhardy and fast growing
  • Supplied in a 9cm pot
  • Height at arrival: 25cm-40cm
  • Grows up ro 300cm of height

The Set Includes

Pinot Noir – blue grape

  • Self-fertile
  • Offers a sweet-flavour
  • Provides thin-skinned fruits

Pinot Blanc – white grape

  • Offers a heavy-cropping habit
  • High sugar fruit
  • Great for making honey-flavoured Muscat

Pinot Gris – red grape

  • Desert (real sweet fruit) and cooking grape
  • Suitable for jams, chutneys and wine
  • Creates a deep claret full-bodied red self-fertile

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