The Bargain Bunny Influencers

So, as you might know, The Bargain Bunny team is made up of Clare, Ruth and Vicky. We’ve actually never met in person, but such is the power of online friendships and support networks, we bonded and decided to work on Bargain Bunny together anyway. 

We connected online in a Facebook group where money bloggers around the UK collaborate, share ideas and network. We all started off as money bloggers, yet we certainly don’t consider ourselves influencers, although we have since branched out into other niches and areas. What ultimately connects us all though is that we all have a passion for helping our audiences and readers improve their financial situations, whether that’s through saving money, living frugally or making extra money through a variety of different methods, in particular side hustles.

On Bargain Bunny we primarily make money by promoting deals and offers that we find on an affiliate basis – which is where we earn a commission if you buy a product after using one of our links. We are very honest about this – after all, it’s what keeps the bunnies in carrots. 

It’s not always appropriate however to share products and services that we are encouraging people to buy on sites about living frugally, debt and saving money, but we felt there was a market for a deals site with a difference. So many of the deals and discount sites have a niche, for example there are more mummy and parenting sites and groups than I can keep track of, but we believe we are something different. Bargain Bunny was formed and is brought to you by three independent women, all in different places in our lives. Clare is married with children, Ruth is married, and Vicky is single. We also have a selection of pets between us, and we live spread across the country. Being a team made up of such a cross section of personalities and personal situations means we are always finding things that will be relevant for any member of our audience. 

In 2020 the move might be away from affiliate marketing, and more towards Influencer marketing, but here at Bargain Bunny we are not sure that model would work for us. As mentioned, our audience is wide, and has no real niche as such, apart from people trying to live frugally, on a budget or just after a bargain or a good deal. We also aren’t interested in becoming full time celebrities or going on the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. We blog part time, around our jobs, other projects, and family lives. We’ve built friendships and a small audience, and right now, that’s fine for us!

For many influencers and brands that model works though. There is a large proportion of millennials who feel that YouTube stars and creators know them better than their own friends, and with the increasing proportion of people who dislike or distrust ads online, influencer marketing is becoming the next big thing in marketing and sales. 

Everyone who has a smartphone has the power to be a micro influencer and can start building an audience and subsequently making money. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be the next Kardashian or Jenner who can command millions for one Instagram post, but social media “stars” are much more relatable to target audiences (after all we choose who to like or follow) than generic advertising which is targeted to a mucher wider audience. This is why it is the next big thing, and only time will tell if the Bargain Bunnies have to follow suit, eating our words (as well as our carrots) and become fully fledged influencers in order to stay relevant, or we stay in the affiliate marketing dark ages! 

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