saving money with cashback

Saving Money with Cashback

Is saving money with cashback legit? You’ve probably heard of the term “cashback” but what actually is it? Whilst it may still mean the option given to you in shops to increase your bill at the checkout in order to withdraw cash through them, it also is a great way of accessing FREE money with very little effort.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is great, but is is also true. The premise is very simple. Before making purchases, visit a cashback site, and click through to where you were going to make the purchase via their website. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and as long as the destination website is one of their partners, you will get some money back.

How much will you get?

This depends on the retailer and the cashback site you use. Before making a purchase, shop around and ensure you know where the best price and deal is. Take into consideration any cashback – but on the off chance it doesn’t track correctly or there is an issue, don’t pay much more than on other sites, banking on that money back. I’ve only ever had an issue once, but it is something to be aware of.

It’s also worth comparing the discount rates across the top cashback sites, as they do sometimes offer different rates.

Just remember – the money is only free if it was an item you were going to buy anyway, and you’ve done your research on price.

So what are the best cashback sites?

All the Bargain Bunnies are members of both of these sites and we love getting money back on our purchases. At the time of writing, both cashback sites have joining offers for new members as well – although these do change regularly. Here are the current offers:

Quidco – Join Quidco, earn £5 of cashback by doing your shopping via the site, and once that is done you will receive £10. We also get a little bonus for sending you their way!

Top Cashback – Top Cashback also requires you to earn £10 of payable cashback, and then you will receive a £5 Amazon Gift Card. This could be super handy in the lead up to Christmas. Again, we get a bonus as a thank you for referring you.

As soon as you join both of these sites, you can also make additional money by referring friends and family to the sites who then sign up with your unique referral link. It really is a win win!

Bearing in mind using cashback sites is free, and you get money back, it really is like throwing money away if you don’t use them! Retailers from electrical stores through to insurance are on there, so it’s definitely worth signing up and checking out the offers prior to making any purchases – but especially any big ones!

Throughout the year they both host competitions where you can win extra cashback or other prizes.

In summary

  • Get money back on purchases with only a couple of extra clicks!
  • Remember it’s only free money if it was a purchase you were going to make anyway.
  • Shop around first and make sure you are accessing the best deal.
  • Compare rates from cashback site to cashback site as well as retailer to retailer- as these can vary.
  • Make extra money by telling friends and family!

I hope you have found our series of posts on making and saving money useful! Let us know in the comments below if you have any feedback or if there are any other topics you would like us to cover! In the meantime, enjoy your bargain hunting!

Other top ways of saving money

Don’t forget to make sure you aren’t able to access any other types of discounts too. There are loads around although some are applicable to certain types of people such as the Defence Discount Service or student discount. If you work for the NHS or one of the emergency services, check out the Blue Light Card.

Let us know in the comments your favourite ways of saving money!

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