Ryan's World Ludo Fun

Ryan’s World Ludo Fun

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Ready to get competitive? The new ryans world board game adds an exciting twist to the classic game of Ludo for even more board game fun. Fans of ryans hit you tube channel, Ryan toysreview, will love family game nights with The ryans world board game. The colourful board features playful graphics inspired by ryans you tube videos.

Think space missions, pirate adventures and more out of this world fun! To play, choose your team: space dudes, pirates, racers or pilots. Line up your 4 pieces and take turns rolling the dice to get all 4 to home. Players move in a clockwise direction around the board to meet up with Gus and peck in the central home area.

The player who gets all 4 of their pieces to home first wins! Draw ryans fun cards along the way to add some surprise fun to the classic game of Ludo. The ryans world board game is suitable for 2-4 players, with a play time of 20 minutes or more.

Contains: Ryans World Ludo Fun

Age: 5+

Batteries: N/A

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