Puffin Books Collection of Eight Allan Ahlberg's Funny Bones Books

Puffin Books Collection of Eight Allan Ahlberg’s Funny Bones Books

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In a Nutshell

Providing eight titles to stimulate children’s imagination, this set is a great gift idea for a little books lover

Product Details

*Set Contains

  • Bumps in the Night
  • Dinosaur Dreams
  • Give the Dog a Bone
  • Mystery Tour
  • Skeleton Crew
  • The Black Cat
  • The Ghost Train
  • The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop

In this story, the big skeleton and the little skeleton are fed up with the dog skeleton and decide to swap him at the pet shop. They start off with a goldfish but soon get tired of him and swap him for a parrot – but soon they get bored of him too… Eventually, the pet shop owner gives them a box to take home with a surprise pet inside. What will it be?

The Ghost Train

‘’Whoo-ooo-ooo!’’ It’s midnight at the station and the three skeletons climb aboard the ghost train for a spooky ride. But they discover something even scarier!

The Black Cat

In this story, the skeletons go sledging – whee! – and crashing – bang! They can’t see their bones in the white snow but they can see a black cat… until she slips into their dark, dark cellar.

Skeleton Crew

‘’Zzz!’’ The three skeletons enjoy a holiday onboard their little boat. But one night – ‘‘Yo-ho-ho’’ – the pirates come and put them out to sea on a tiny raft, launching them on an ocean full of new adventures.

Mystery Tour

One dark, dark night the three skeletons go driving and solve six mysteries. Lots of things look and sound mysterious in the dark but the last mystery is the most important of all – if they don’t solve it, they can’t go home!

Give the Dog a Bone

The dog skeleton is falling apart – bits of him are dropping off – bone by bone! Who will pick up the pieces and put him back together again?

Dinosaur Dreams

The big skeleton and the little skeleton are being chased by dinosaurs… in their dreams! Luckily dogs can dream too – and save the day.

Bumps in the Night

No matter where they are, the two skeletons keep going bump in the night – clonk! There’s only one thing to do: ‘‘Send for Doctor Bones!’’

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