dolce gusto pods

Nestle Dolce Gusto Pods

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Product details

  • 48 coffee pods (24 or 48 servings depending on flavour – listed below)
  • Best before one year
  • Flavours/options available: cafe au lait, choco caramel (24 servings), skinny cappuccino (24 servings), espresso caramel, espresso ristretto, Nesquik, mocha (24 servings), latte macchiato caramel (24 servings), chococino (24 servings), cappuccino ice (24 servings), espresso, lungo intenso, citrus honey black tea, essenza di moka, espresso intenso, ristretto ardenza, latte unsweetened (24 servings), cortado espresso macchiato, caffe americano, lungo, chai tea latte (24 servings), grande, vanilla latte macchiato (24 servings), skinny late (24 servings), cappuccino (24 servings), latte macchiato (24 servings)

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