making money with side hustles

Making Money with Side Hustles

Making money with side hustles can be a great way to improve your finances. The term “hustle” sometimes has a negative connotation. For some it brings to mind a con or trick, which is why the well known TV show Hustle used the word as its name. For some it means making people do things against their will or dishonestly.

It does however have another, really positive meaning. According to it also means “to proceed or work rapidly or energetically”. That is the meaning of hustle that has evolved into the phrase “side hustle”. It basically means any way of making extra money separate from your main income or occupation.

Their is a massive community online who talk about all their side hustles and ways of making extra money, and this post is only going to highlight a few of our favourites – but hopefully it will help you to see that there are loads of ways of making extra money, meaning your money will go that bit further.

Surveys and Research

One of our favourite ways of making extra money is by completing surveys and research studies. These can take the form of long research studies via websites such as Prolific through to one question visual surveys using apps such as Vypr.

Some of these will take time and effort, whereas others are quick and easy and can be done on the go. I would recommend you download a range of apps which offer surveys and find the ones that work for you. Prolific tends to work better on a computer and requires a bit more time, but it is by far the highest paying site I’ve used. Other great survey sites include:

Mystery Shopping & Dining

Mystery shopping and dining are great ways of making money, but also getting free stuff. In short, you are given a scenario or task, and go into a shop or restaurant to complete the task. You then provide feedback on various aspects of the visit. Some of the ones I do most regularly are supermarket mystery shops, which involve visiting the store at a specific time, and then purchasing a couple of items, but also making a note of the answer to various questions. This might be things such as were there any cages on the shop floor, or were there staff available to answer questions promptly and accurately. Mystery shops like this usually earn you a set fee, plus a few pounds back on the shopping you have to purchase.

I’ve also done more detailed mystery shops, which involve making an enquiry in a travel agent or bank. Some of these even require you to record the appointment, and the company will provide you with recording equipment in advance. These mystery shops tend to earn you much more money, but can be more effort.

Mystery dining is a similar concept. You are given a restaurant or food outlet to visit, perhaps even at a specific day or time, and then told roughly what to order (eg main meals and drinks or only desserts). You are paid for your time and given some money back towards the bill. Again you would need to complete the feedback afterwards, so its worth reading through what thes questions are before the visit to ensure that you can answer them

Selling & Reselling

Every home has things in it which is not wanted or used. Depending on what the item is, and the condition it is in, it can be worth while selling these on before disposing of it via the bin or charity shops. There are so many great ways of selling items nowadays, so you can find what works best for you. Some of our favourite ways are:

  • eBay – popular as your items will reach a wider audience, but take into consideration time, effort and money used to post the items, as well as eBay and PayPal fees.
  • Car Boot Sales – a great way of getting rid of a reasonable amount of things in one go. It can mean an early start and a long day, but it really is a good way of selling a large amount of items on one day.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Facebook selling groups are gaining popularity everyday. Local selling groups mean that your items are being shown to a local audience, usually meaning that you can get the money quickly.
  • Gumtree – like Facebook, Gumtree is great to advertise to a local audience. I’ve found that its more popular in cities, rather than rural places, but it still can be a great free place to list things to sell.
  • Shpock – another popular selling tool. Advertise items and they are displayed in distance order to the person searching for the item.

Reselling is where you puposely buy items which you see in order to sell on at a profit. This can range from clothing, furniture, collectibles, pretty much anything. You need to be savvy, and know what is selling and rougly what for. It also involves having some money up front to invest in items to sell on. If you are buying to sell on, you also need to declare your earnings comared to just selling things you have at home. I personally find it too much effort and I just don’t have the time or money to do it, but I know that some people have made a decent amount of income in doing this.

Blogging & Freelancing

Blogging can make you extra money. The three Bargain Bunnies all have blogs outside of this website which makes us a varying amount of money, but it isn’t something which will make you money overnight. It is a long haul, a steep learning curve, and not for the faint hearted. That being said, if you love writing, learning about new technologies (or are happy with websites already) and want to work for yourself, it can be a great option. A lot of people combine it with freelancing, and sites such as Fiverr and People Per Hour are a great place to start in the gig economy. Whether your passion is writing, graphic design or technical support, there will be people who will happily pay for your services.

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