make extra money blogging

Make extra money blogging

All the Bargain Bunnies have their own personal blogs as well as working together on this site. That is actually how we got to know each other. We all work different amounts of hours on our blogs, working around other work and family commitments, and have differing ways of making extra money on them. We all do however make extra money blogging and we want to share just a few ways of making a bit of extra money via a blog in case that’s something you might be interested in.

It is important to note that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it does require effort, passion and hard work, but if you have some spare time and would like to work on something in the long term – it really can be a game changer to your finances and help those pennies stretch that bit further!

Affiliate marketing

You may have heard of the term affiliate marketing and wondered what it means. In short it is a writer or influencer recommending a product to their audience, and if someone then goes on to purchase a product or service via their custom referral link, then said person makes a commission.

Commissions can vary from a set price per sale, or a percentage of a sale. If you join a scheme like Amazon’s affiliate platform, you make a small percentage but of any item that is purchased – not just the product you have recommended.

Affiliate marketing is a great way of having some passive income come in, but you really do need an engaged audience before this will make you any money. You need decent traffic to your website, and probably be visible across a variety of social media platforms.

Some bloggers will unfortunately recommend anything and everything in order to make a few pennies, so some bloggers have earnt us a bit of a bad name, but if you stay true to what you are about and are honest about what you are recommending or suggesting – then you can gain a great and trusted following who will make purchases on your behalf.

Our favourite platform for Affiliate marketing is AWIN, and there are thousands of retailers who operate through them. You apply to join, and if you are accepted you can start generating your custom product links and making that extra money. You can then make more money by recommending the platform to other people as well!

Check out your favourite retailers and see if they have an affiliate or referral program – you’d be surprised how many do!

Sponsored or guest posts

Another great way to make some money via your blog is to host sponsored or guest posts. A sponsored post is one that a retailer has paid you to write, whereas a guest post is something you’ve written but under the guidance or direction from a client or retailer.

For this you usually need a decent amount of traffic, or an enagaged audience, but you can find companies who are less fussy, which is why it can be a good way to make some money in the early days. They are effectively more interested in the link back to their website than the actual content. This is because incoming links help with search engine optimisation (SEO).

It’s worth bearing in mind that Google does expect paid for links to be “no-follow” but the people who purchase these guest or sponsored post will expect them to be “follow” links so you will have to decide whether it’s worth the risk.

Our favourite way of finding sponsored posts is through Get Blogged. You search for opportunities that you are interested in and put in a “proposal”. These don’t have to be long, but explain how you will meet the brief and what you can offer the client. If you are accepted for the task you will need to accept the job and turn around the post – usually within three days.

You can then earn “Karma” points by recommending other bloggers and completing your tasks on time. Each month there are prizes to be won based on the karma points leaderboard.


Another way to make money is by having ads on your site. You really need a decent amount of traffic if you are going to make much money this way. Some people don’t see the point of earning 1p a day if you don’t have much traffic, but others would argue it’s worth having ads on your site from day one so your audience are used to them. It’s a decision only you can make. Platforms like Adsense cater for small audiences, and there are no minimum traffic requirements. Other platforms like Mediavine are much more lucrative, but require a minimum amount of traffic. A lot of bloggers start out with Adsense and switch to Mediavine when their traffic increases enough.

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