LCD Digital Writing and Drawing Tablets and E-Writer

LCD Digital Writing and Drawing Tablets and E-Writers

Reduced to £2.99 (was £29.99).

In a Nutshell

Designed to display text, pictures and graphics, this device features flexible liquid crystal technology and compact design

Product Details

  • Slim and compact design
  • Flexible liquid crystal technology
  • Displays text, pictures and graphics, which can be erased over 500000 times
  • 0.18” thin
  • No need to use an eraser, just press the button and the screen will be clean again
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pressure-sensitive
  • Screen options available: monochromatic | colour
  • 4.5” dimensions: 11.6cm x 8.6cm x 0.4cm
  • 4.5”package dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x 1cm
  • 8.5” dimensions: 22.1cm x 14.6cm x 0.4cm
  • 8.5” package dimensions: 22.1cm x 14.6cm x 1cm
  • Available colours: black, red, blue
  • Packaging includes:
    • 4.5 “ or 8.5’’ LCD writing board
    • Writing stylus
    • Battery
    • Colourful packaging
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