Layers of comfort for your feet

Layers of comfort, style, and longevity

Renovating for whatever reason can be difficult when you need to make a variety of elements work together in harmony inside one space. Sometimes a little guidance is needed so you can eliminate the bad options and make an informed decision which you will see the benefits from for years to come.

There is also the concern with making sure your home is up to date in terms of style and features, so why not save time and delve into the finer details of vinyl flooring. Continue reading if you want to get your guests attention and shorten your list of chores.

Keeps you toasty warm

If you have ever been at a friend’s home and wondered how they are keeping their home so cosy warm and not ranting bout their heating bill, then the likely chances are that they have vinyl flooring installed.

Vinyl works in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms with many layers to create a warmth underfoot and prevent cold from the concrete foundations of your home deflecting the heat being brought into the room from your radiator. This means it’s easier than ever to balance the temperature of each room over the seasons.

Stain resistant

There is always going to be a time when your flooring is vulnerable to spills from food, drink or other liquids, and spontaneous accidents such a breakage.

Here lies the chance to stun your guests and family with a simple restorative wipe or sweep and your flooring is back to its original gleaming standard. Vinyl incorporates both Scratch Guard and Anti-moisture properties for a superior defence against accidents every time.


What a great time to learn a new skill and it’s even better because installing flooring has been made easier than ever thanks to modern manufacturing techniques.

Vinyl flooring lets you choose a click down or glue down method with which to make quick work of, so much so that your fantastic new flooring can be installed within hours. Installing your flooring doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a fun activity for the weekend, you can even get your young family members to help – it’s that safe and easy!

Combines showroom glamour and home comforts

Throughout the array of functional benefits available with the vinyl flooring options, you also have a selection of creative options to decide upon. Start mapping out what you want the finish design of your room to look like. Is it urban chic that calls to you? Or are you looking to create the perfect vintage cottage feel?

Amtico Spacia offers great balance between a modern family home setting and high-quality designs worthy of a home design catalogue front cover. Luvanto delivers any space revolutionary design patterns through the Endure Pro, Parquet and Click and Herringbone ranges. Invictus introduces design schemes originating from other parts of the world which are made available to you in the UK.

Whatever style you’re going for, you now have the materials with which to make your dreams a reality.

*This is a collaborative post.

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