iceland meal deal

Iceland £5 Meal Deal

Iceland has launched a meal deal, running until 3rd November 2019, and you’ll be impressed at what you can get for just a fiver!

You can choose 1 pizza, 1 chicken product, 1 chips, and 1 dessert.

For your pizza, you can choose a Goodfella’s stone baked pepperoni or margarita.

Once you’ve selected your pizza, you’ll add your chicken product to your basket. This is a packet of Birds Eye chicken quarter pounders. You could save these for a different meal, or cook them and then cut them into goujons to serve with your pizza.

Next up, you’ll choose from French fries or homestyle chips.

And finally, choose between old school puddings jam roly poly and apple pie.

This particular deal is online only, so remember that you’ll get free delivery if you spend over £35!

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