How to Make Your Lifestyle More Sustainable

How to Make Your Lifestyle More Sustainable

Here at Kwiksweep, we often hear from people who are looking for advice to be more sustainable. The problem is, many of them have this idea that sustainable living means giving up all of life’s little luxuries. Indeed, some are worried that we’d even need to give up electricity and go and live on a little farm where we grow our own food.

Actually, though, we can all live a little more sustainably in our lives by making jut a few key changes. Even better, you only need to apply one or two of these changes to your lifestyle in order to make a real change – especially when others follow in your footsteps.

So, to get you started, here are 5 ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable:

1: Shop Local

Supermarkets are incredibly convenient, but their supplies are often brought by large lorries travelling hundreds of miles – which uses a lot of fossil fuels. Instead, try to use local butchers, dairies and fruit and vegetable shops for your food. Not only will it be better quality, but you’ll be being sustainable and supporting a local business too.

2: Drink from the Tap

While bottled water might feel fancier and more filtered, it creates an immense amount of plastic waste every year. Instead, try to use tap water when you can, as it tastes fine and costs a lot less! You could even invest in a filtration system for your fridge if you like.

Many public places – such as train stations – are now home to water filling stations too. So, get yourself a reusable bottle and use these while out and about.

3: Avoid Single-Use or Disposable Items

While you might not be ready for a zero-waste lifestyle yet, there are plenty of ways you can change your current habits to use fewer disposable items. These swaps include:

  • Use a reusable razor rather than disposable
  • Swap plastic toothbrushes for biodegradable ones
  • Invest in beeswax wraps rather than cling film
  • Buy fruit or vegetables without plastic packaging

4: Recycle as Much as You Can

One of the best ways you can be more sustainable is by recycling whenever and wherever you are. Depending on your local authority, you might have certain bins for different recyclable materials, so rather than just throwing everything in the waste, look to recycle anything that you can.

The same goes for when you’re out and about. These days, there are recycling bins all over our cities, meaning you can always do your bit.

5: Reuse and Resell Where You Can

As well as recycling, it’s important that we also remember to reuse and resell where we can. For instance, when it comes to old electricals, these can be sold to someone else or you can ask a specialist to recycle it for you KwikSweep service  – can help too

The same goes for old clothes and bric-a-brac, which charity shops will be happy to take for you.


No matter what small change you make to your lifestyle, if everyone else made a small change too, then it will really add up to a significant change to our environment.

*This is a collaborative post.

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