How to Be Less Wasteful at Work

Becoming more conscious of some of your behaviour at work will not only benefit the environment, it will also help your employer save money. For instance, do you switch off your computer at the end of each day or leave the desktop running overnight and only turn off the monitor? This is easily done and allows us to save time when logging in each morning, but it is a huge waste of electricity. The same applies to all other technology in the office, as well as the overhead lights.

If you’re used to writing notes down in a notepad, you might want to try switching to electronic notes on your phone or computer. This will reduce the amount of paper that is wasted and will also allow your employer to save money on these types of supplies. The same applies to things like the water machine. It would be more beneficial all round if you brought in your own reusable cup rather than using multiple plastic ones every day.

Another area where people are often very wasteful is the printer. More often than not, we mindlessly print off documents that we could’ve simply sent out to our colleagues via email. If printing is a necessity and it’s a big project, be sure to do a test run first. There’s nothing worse than printing off one hundred documents, only to notice a typo. Also, it’s a good idea to print large jobs at night when electricity is cheaper.

If printing seems to be a big issue for the company as a whole, you could suggest to your superior that you invest in a print management company. They can help by assessing print habits across each department and suggesting areas for improvement. This will help your employer save money on paper, ink and electricity, while also being more mindful of the environment.

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