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You will receive:    

  • Personalised Hogwarts Letter   
  • Personalised Hogwarts Envelope   
  • List Of Requirements   
  • Hogwarts Express Ticket
  • Ministry of Magic note regarding owl post 

Your matchless acceptance letter is professionally printed on luxurious 100% parchment paper and fully personalised to your instructions.

Enclosed in your personalised Hogwarts envelope is a golden ticket for the Hogwarts Express!
A full list of requirements is provided for your first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! 
All of your items will arrive in a non-descript board backed envelope to ensure  the gift recipient doesn’t know the contents. The set can then be presented to  them at your leisure. 

A note from the Ministry of Magic is provided, explaining that all Hogwarts acceptance letters are not being delivered by Owls due to increased muggle awareness of this delivery method.

This item is easily personalised, once you make purchase we will automatically send  you a message so you can customise the item. 
The information we will require is as follows: 

  • Name (as presented on letter and envelope)   
  • Personal message (250 characters max)   
  • Room Description   
  • Full address

The personal message appears in the bottom right hand corner of the letter separate  from the main body of the letter. The body of the letter reads exactly as the original. 
Our shop is full of Hogwarts packages for any Witch or Wizard! This item is a  part of the “Standard” collection. However, some of our other packages include  magical wands, quills and much more! See our shop for smaller or larger packages.

Delivery times provided are estimates. 
All of our items are dispatched within 24 working hours of payment &  personalisation details being received. Please allow for delays in the postal service if your item is for a specific date. 
All questions are answered by our customer service team within 24 working hours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Product Specification: 
Hogwarts Set: Standard
Personalised: Yes
Print Quality: Professional
Packaging: Board-backed envelope
 Son, Daughter, Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunty, Friend, Any.
Occasion: Birthday, Christmas, Any  Occasion

DISCLAIMER: The product is offered as a novelty certificate. If you have any  questions please ask them before you commit to buy. Refunds will not be  provided although we will provide replacements if the product you receive is  not as advertised. Your statutory rights are not affected. Purchase signifies  acceptance of these conditions. We are in no way affiliated, endorsed or  associated with Warner Brothers, its associates or any other company involved  with producing harry potter merchandise, any reference to the names harry  potter, Hogwarts etc. is done so purely for descriptive purposes, all images,  logos or trademarked images that are shown in our listings are the property of  their respective owners and are not affiliated with us in any way.

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