free Aldi wine tasting

Free Aldi Wine Testing

Aldi’s Wine Tasting Club is now open for applications, so if you’re a budding wine connoisseur, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss out on this!

Every 3 months, Aldi selects 30 lucky wine lovers to join them on a tasting journey. You’ll be the first to hear about their award winning range, and you’ll also receive 2 bottles per month for 3 months.

All they ask in return is that you taste and review the wines on Twitter, using the #AldiWineClub hashtag. To help you with this, you’ll receive tasting notes to guide you through the process.

To apply to join Aldi Wine Club, click ‘Get This Freebie’ below and follow the instructions.

Get this freebie!

Applications close on 3rd June, so don’t hang around!

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