Dr Zig’s Giant Bubbles - Easy, fun, enormous bubbles with ‘My First Giant Bubble Kit’

Dr Zig’s Giant Bubbles – Easy, fun, enormous bubbles with ‘My First Giant Bubble Kit’

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Easy, fun, enormous bubbles with ‘My First Giant Bubble Kit’

When it comes to bubbles… giant, wobbly bubbles that you can fit inside and that last for ages, you need the perfect bubble mix. Dr Zig’s world-famous dragon mix is made to a special secret recipe. Produced in Wales (the home of dragons) there may, or may not, be a little dragon essence involved. Either way, Dr Zig’s Bubbles are the best, anywhere, and this great starter kit will allow anyone to create bubbles so big they won’t believe their eyes! 

Everything you need to start making giant bubbles!

Using a simple rope and some wands, you have everything you need. Just dip the rope into the special dragon mix solution and, using the wooden wands, lift and open. You’ll see your giant bubble already bursting to be freed. A little know-how from the tips and instructions sheet, and a little help from the great outdoors, and you’ll soon have the biggest bubbles you’ve ever seen floating and wobbling around you. Make them bigger, make them longer, make them float and fly, the more you make the better you become. Surround you and your friends with Dr Zig’s giant bubbles! 

Special, secret recipe ‘dragon bubble’ mix

Dr Zig’s Dragon Bubble Mix is produced in the valleys of Snowdonia to a secret recipe – with a little bit of added magic and a trace of dragon essence. 

Perfect for little ones to get started

Everyone loves the fun of giant bubbles, but little children especially are amazed by the magic of seeing them right before their eyes. This ‘First Giant Bubble Kit’ is perfect to get those little bubble-ninjas started. Suitable for kids as young as three, the wands and rope are easy to use and safe to handle and will help your little ones create something truly wonderful and fun every time. Plus, the bottle of mix and the wands and rope, pack away so easily you can put them in a pocket or bag and take them wherever massive dragon bubbles are needed! 

Great, environmentally-friendly fun

All our wands are made of FSC certified wood – which means that it has been sustainably sourced, and all our Bubble Ropes are made of 100% natural untreated cotton. 

Kit includes: 

1 x 100ml 10 x concentrate (makes 1 litre) of Dragon Bubble Mix. 

1 x Giant rope on 25cm Wands. 

Sheet of Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles Tips, Tricks and Instructions.

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