Deluxe Elves Behavin' Badly Box of Pranks

Deluxe Elves Behavin’ Badly Box of Pranks

Great value at £8.99!

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Ideal for creating funny and mischievous jokes in festive mood, this box of jokes can be an ideal gift for a prankster.

Product Details

  • Ideal for helping to create hilarious Elves Behavin’ Badly festive scenes
  • Box contains 10 pranks:
    • Vomit
    • Doggy Doo-
    • Nail Through Finger
    • Cookie Cockroach
    • Spilt Drink
    • Fried Egg and Bug
    • Creepy Finger
    • Fly in Ice Cube
    • Spilt Ketchup
    • Kitty Mess

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