Decluttering for the New Year

Woo hoo! We’ve survived Christmas and the turkey and chocolate coma which usually goes along with it and we’ve come out the other side.

Whether it’s because you’ve received Christmas presents that you don’t want or need, or whether you just want a declutter for the New Year, now is a great time to have a declutter and make some extra cash for the New Year.

We are just going to share a few of our top ways to help you declutter and make some cash, including why we like them!


Using eBay to sell your items mean they can reach a wider audience. This can mean that your items can reach a higher price, but you have to decide whether the cost and inconvenience of packing and posting the items is worth it. My top tip for using eBay is to end your items on a Sunday evening (as traditionally this time gets a higher final selling price) and only offer posting which includes a certificate of posting or signed for. eBay tends to side with buyers so you can end up out of pocket if you don’t.


Facebook selling groups and marketplace are a great way to sell to a very local audience. Some people will try haggling on Facebook selling groups so it can be worth listing your item a little higher than you hope to get for the item, in case they haggle you down, but if you list it too high bear in mind that you may put off some buyers altogether.


Gumtree is another great way of selling to a local audience. Responses tend to be slower than via Facebook, but in more populus areas (I had more luck with it when living in London) it can target a good audience and get you a good sale.


Shpock is a local selling app, which you can connect to your Facebook account and share the items on there as well. You can search it by area, and by category so it’s a great way of finding things if you have something specific in mind.

Other Online Selling Apps

If you don’t fancy selling items on a face to face or one to one basis, and you have lots of things like books, CDs and DVDs, then it is worth trying selling sites or apps such as Ziffit, We Buy Books or Music Magpie. You use your smart phone or device to scan the barcode of the item and the app will then tell you if they are accepting the item and if so for how much, They quite often accept different items at different prices so its worth scanning your items across the different apps to see which gives you the highest total price.

Top Tips for Selling Items

Whichever platform you use for selling items, make sure you follow these top tips to ensure you maximise your selling potential and possible income.

  • Accurately describe the item. Items are more likely to be returned or queried if the description is not 100% accurate and the buyer isn’t receiving what they are expecting.
  • Include as many photos as the platform will allow for free. If there are any defects or flaws on the items – make sure these are accurately reflected and shown in images.
  • Never post or hand over an item until you have been paid – whether in cash or by PayPal. A buyer arriving to collect and item and saying they will pay later online is not acceptable and you should not hand over the item.
  • If you are posting the item – ensure that you properly calculate postage costs prior to listing, and add an accurate total to the listing (particularly relevant on eBay). This means that the buyer is paying these costs and you won’t end up out of pocket.

Once the weather brightens, you could also consider doing a car boot sale, but this will mean you can’t do your declutter right now.

If your declutter is your absolute goal, then it might be worth considering donating your items. You might consider a charity shop, or a local charity. You could also try listing items on Freecycle if you are less fussed about who it goes to and you just want rid of the item!

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