CPD-Certified Floristry Diploma

CPD-Certified Floristry Diploma

Reduced to £15 (down from £100).

Get this deal!

This course deal is bloomin’ great!

We’re offering you an accredited floristry diploma for just £15, saving you 85% off New Skills Academy’s price of £100 (correct as 20.1.20).

If you’re looking to put down new roots in a career where you can really blossom, then this accredited floristry diploma could be just what you’re looking for! You’ll learn everything you need to know about the world of floristry, from designing arrangements for every occasion to starting your own successful business. You’ll have unlimited access to the online materials, which you can study anywhere and anytime, and you’ll get a certificate when you complete the course successfully. You’ll even be eligible to sign up for an XO discount card! We’re not pollen your leg – sign up today and see for yourself!
Course Outline

  • Module 1: Your Introduction to Floristry
  • Module 2: Careers in Floristry
  • Module 3: What You Need To Know About Flowers and Plants
  • Module 4: Services Provided by Florists
  • Module 5: How to Process, Store and Maintain Plants
  • Module 6: Popular Flowers, Greens & Fillers
  • Module 7: Elements and Principles of Design
  • Module 8: Flower design basics & styles you need to know
  • Module 9: How to make floral arrangements
  • Module 10: How to Make a Container Arrangement
  • Module 11: How to Make an Arrangement for a Vase
  • Module 12: How to Make a Hand-Tied Bouquet
  • Module 13: How to Make a Corsage or Boutonniere
  • Module 14: Wedding Flowers
  • Module 15: How to Make a Wedding Bouquet
  • Module 16: Funeral Flowers
  • Module 17: How to Make a Funeral Wreath
  • Module 18: How to Make a Basket Garden & Fruit Basket
  • Module 16: Getting a Job in the Floristry Industry
  • Module 20: Starting Your Own Business
  • Module 21: Getting Customers/Marketing

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