corded cordless 2400w iron

Corded or Cordless 2400w Iron

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Product Details

  • Get a 2400W cordless steam iron.
  • Ready to use in 7-10 seconds with a 25 second steam charge!
  • Can be used with the cord or cordless.
  • 240 ml capacity.
  • Iron heats to a maximum of 220°.

Does hanging your clothes up after a full day of work just fill you with dread? Or every morning do you have that quick realisation that you forgot to iron your shirt for that morning? Well never fear, this deal welcomes the hero of all heroes – the cordless steam iron! Say goodbye to unwanted creases and sweaty morning palms, and thou shalt not be late with this chore busting steam iron. It is ready to use in a mere seven to ten seconds, with a 25-second steam charge! Manoeuvre your way from top to bottom and collar to cuff without the exasperation of looking for the nearest plug. Heating to a maximum of 220° and a with a 240ml capacity, this cordless steam iron is the next must have morning survival essential. Before you know it you’re out the door and on your way… How very Clark Kent!

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