Budget Online Entertainment

I do not know how the people in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic got through it! We have relied so heavily on the internet during the Covid crisis that I cannot even beging to imagine how to get through the day without it.

The Bargain Bunny team work remotely, and so we have been working from home throughout, but the internet really has found new ways of entertaining us, and here we are going to share our favourites.

Video Calling

Whilst technology for video calling has been around for a long time, Zoom has transformed the way we keep in touch with friends and family. From ‘seeing’ each other when we can’t meet in person, to organising distanced surprise birthday parties and even religious meetings such as church services, video calling has become a staple of our daily lives and even when things return to closer to normal, the technology is definitely here to stay.

Online Gaming

Whether you like to play games on your own at platforms such as Plays.org or you prefer games you can play with friends using platforms such as NetGames.io, online gaming numbers are at an all time high. Using sites like Twitch has made gaming more accessible and social than ever before, and actually using Twitch can make you money!

Streaming Services

Whether you prefer music or film and TV, there is a streaming service for you. Whilst the majority of these have a fee involved, they are often quite low, and there are almost always special offers around for at least one platform, for example when Disney Plus lauched, there were special offers for O2 customers where they could get it free or reduced.

Whatever entertainment you are into, you are bound to find something to fill some time and keep you entertained. Our favourites over at Bargain Bunny are:

  • Disney Plus – this service now includes Star, as well as Pixar, National Geographic, Marvel and Star Wars content, as well as all the traditional Disney movies, and Disney Channel programming (Suite Life of Zack and Cody anyone?!)
  • Netflix – not only are Netflix a go to for well known TV and films, but they are now renowned for their own original programming and movies. I’m not saying it’s all amazing (Tiger King was interesting shall we say) but with a variety of movies and TV shows in all kinds of genres, it’s a budget way of keeping the family entertained.
  • Prime Video – included if you are an Amazon Prime member, Prime Video has some great shows and movies on it. They are also creating their own content now too, such as The Grand Tour, Them etc).

If you are more keen to listen to music, then you should check out Spotify or Prime Music. Prime Music is also free with Amazon Prime membership, but there are limitations on what you can listen to, so you may want to upgrade to Prime Music Unlimited, but it is not necessary. Spotify has a paid membership, but again, we don’t think it is necessary. There is plenty on there, and you just get less choice with regards to playlists and you have to listen to adverts, but for a free service, it is perfectly adequate.