A healthier alternative to smoking

In years gone by, smoking was what all the cool kids did. If you didn’t smoke, you were seen as some kind of outsider. Back then, people just didn’t know about the health implications of smoking. Over the last few decades, we’ve become far more aware of the dangers of smoking to both our own health and the health of those around us.

Smoking bans came into force back in 2007 in the UK as we came to realise that inhaling second hand smoke was just as bad for us as actually smoking ourselves. Since then, smokers have not been allowed to smoke indoors in public places, meaning they’ve been forced out into the cold if they want to enjoy a cigarette.


It’s true that the smoking ban did lead to many smokers giving up entirely or seeking out alternatives to calm their craving for nicotine.

E-cigarettes became a popular way for smokers to still feel as though they’re smoking but they’re far healthier and don’t produce the same toxic fumes as cigarettes do. For a while, these electronic cigarettes were acceptable in public venues, and it seemed that a happy medium had been reached. Smokers were happy that they were still “smoking” and getting the nicotine they needed, and non-smokers and the powers that be were happy they’d achieved their aim of smoke-free public places.

However, in more recent years, there have been concerns about the safety of the fumes produced by these e-cigarettes and many venues have opted to ban them too. This has forced smokers to either find another way to sooth their craving or head back outside once more.

Nicotine pouches have been a great solution for many smokers, particularly in Sweden where they’ve become really popular really quickly! These pouches don’t produce any smoke or fumes, in fact, nobody would know you were using one if you didn’t want them to. They’re an incredibly discreet way to get that nicotine into the body. The pouches sit just behind the upper lip and slowly release nicotine into the gums. They come in a range of flavours too, so they taste great!

If you’re trying to cut down or even give up smoking, then these pouches would be a great thing for you to try!

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