personalised kids name labels

48 Personalised Kids’ Name Labels

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Product Details

  • Get a set of 48 personalised labels.
  • Choose from a selection of designs.
  • Enter a name to be printed.
  • Made of vinyl – dishwasher safe.
  • Simply stick on your child’s stuff!
  • Labels measure: 4.8cm x 2.2cm.

This deal’s got your name on it!

We’re offering you a pack of 48 kid’s labels for just £3.99, saving you 67% off 

We all know what it’s like trying to discern your kid’s bag from the eighteen identical numbers in the cloakroom at school. With these personalised labels you can choose a cool design to appease your little one, and then plaster their name all over their belongings as they scarper out of the door. The labels themselves are vinyl and will adhere to the majority of surfaces. They’re dishwasher safe, although we recommend placing labelled objects on the top shelf and not setting the dishwasher to it’s hottest setting. It is also recommended not to put them in microwave ovens. Each label measures 4.8cm x 2.2cm and and you get 48 in a pack!

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