homemade bath bombs

12 pack of mixed handmade bath bombs

Save 59% – now only £14!

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Product Details

  • Get a mystery selection of 12 bathbombs.
  • From this fantastic selection of scents: Berry Blast, Bubblegum, Strawberry & Vanilla, Cool Angel, Entice, Cedarwood & Lime, Intensity, Coconut, White Musk, Fruit Salad, Pink Candy, Rose, Lavender, Lemon & Lime and Flower Power.
  • All the bathtime bombs are lovingly handmade with their own unique touch.
  • Make your bathtime a relaxing and luxurious experience!

We’ve got a bombtastic deal for you!

We’re offering you a pack of 12 large mixed scent handmade bathbombs for £14, saving you 59%

Bath time is all about winding down and relaxing, and these bombs will dissolve to give you the ultimate Zen experience! Drop one into your tub and watch it fizz up, releasing a stunning colour and an irresistible aroma. The busting bubbles create a therapeutic feeling so nice that you won’t want to ever get out the tub. These beautiful balls stimulate all the sense, except taste but we really don’t recommend trying one!

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