100-Piece Screwdriver Set with Storage Stand

100-Piece Screwdriver Set with Storage Stand

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In a Nutshell

Ideal for most DIY tasks around the house or in the garage, this screwdriver set comes complete with a storage stand

Product Details

  • Hard plastic stand for storage
  • Cushioned handles for comfort and control
  • Includes:
    • 23 screwdrivers: 3 x 75mm, 4 x 100mm, 4 x 100mm, 5 x 75mm, 5 x 100mm, 5 x 125mm, 6 x 100mm, 6 x 150mm, 8 x 150mm
    • cross point: ph0 x 75mm, ph1 x 75mm, ph1 x 100mm, ph1 x 125mm, ph2 x 100mm, ph2 x 150mm
    • star: t8 x 75mm, t10 x 75mm, t15 x 75mm, t20 x 75mm
    • square: s0 x 75mm, s1 x 75mm, s1 x 100mm, s2 x 100mm. 60pc x 25mm
    • assorted screwdriver bits including slot cross point, star, hex and square
    • 8pc x 50mm precision screwdrivers slot 1.5, 2.5mm cross point ph00, ph0, star t6, t7, t8, t9
    • 6pc 1/4” dr sockets 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12mm.
    • 2pc offset screwdrivers sl6 x ph2, sl5 x ph1 and soft grip ratchet handle